I’m such a bad parent lol, it’s a little funny

Last night,  I put Master 3 into bed and told Master 6 that he could stay up for a little while.  Then Miss 14 asked to watch a movie with me, so we sat down to watch a movie…….then we watched another.  Then it was time for bed.  I went and did my normal checking of the house, and before bed routine, then I went to check on the 2 Masters in their room, but Master 6 was not in his bed, he was not on the floor, he was not in bed with Master 3, he was not down the window side of the bed, he was not in the toilet, he was not in my bed, he had not gone into Miss 14’s room either, I was panicking, I went to the lounge room and turned the light on, there he was asleep on the lounge.  Bad Mum had forgotten to put him to bed and he had fallen asleep on the lounge.  Not only that but Miss 14 had gone in the lounge room before bed and turned the telly off and not seen him.

I felt soooo bad.  How terrible that I forgot 😦

Here’s the funny part.

So when I turned the light on, he kept turning to and fro because the light was too bright.  I said to him honey you fell asleep in the lounge room, come on lets go.  I got him up and lead him to the toilet, I said do you need to go to the toilet?  He shook his head no, I said sit anyway.

So he went in, with the door open a little way (so he didn’t have to turn the light on but could use the hall light) and sat on the toilet……….pants and all.  But I didn’t know this.  I stood in the hallway for a few minutes, then I popped my head in and at the same time said how you going, he was sitting there with his pants on, on the toilet, head resting in his hands, eyes closed.  So I giggled and said honey you have to pull your pants down to go to the toilet. He’s so tired he’s looking at me all confused, so he pulls them down and starts taking them off (his feet) and I said no don’t take them off, so he pulls them all the way up again lol, and I say no pull them down but don’t take them off, and he groan whinges at me lol.  He gets on the toilet again, and I wait in the hallway…….after a few minutes I pop my head in again and say you doing wee, he’s asleep again head in hands eyes closed.  He looks at me (after I spoke to him) and shakes his head, I say do wee you have to before bed.  He finally does and I go “YAY” in a quiet laugh whisper, and he half giggle whinges at me lol.  Then he walks to his room partially on tippy toes and hops into bed.

The next day he remembers nothing LOL!!


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