Stop Talking!!!

So today I have spent the entire day out in the car and shops with a friend doing stuff for her impending wedding (October 1st).  I had to hire a car today as mine has broken down and the parts won’t even get here in Adelaide until Wednesday afternoon. Then who knows how long it will take as what they are fixing is right in the middle of the engine they have basically had to pull half of the engine apart to get to it!

Anyway so a my friend picked me up, we dropped 1 son off at school, went to pick up the hire car, drove back to my house so she could drop her car off, and then went about town (and I mean ALL about town all over the place one side to the other) doind things that needed to be done.

That part doesn’t bother me, I’d do it again except for…….pretty much the WHOLE time my 3yr old son DID NOT stop talking!!!  I swear I am going to insane if I have to listen to him talk all night.  Luckily for me he is pretty tired right now and is resting on the lounge with some twisties 🙂

So if anyone reads this lol, do your kids talk incessantly? How the hell do we shut em up.  We can’t wait for them to talk and once they can we want them to shut up all the time lol.


One thought on “Stop Talking!!!

  1. I don’t have kids, but I recently went to visit a good friend. Her son talked nonstop. Apparently he only does that when other people are around. Maybe your 3-year-old was excited to see your friend?

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