The Declutter 52 things Challenge – 2

So the end of week 2 was yesterday, and I have a nice list of things I got rid of I think.

A pair of my hubby’s work pants (believe me this is a miracle because he keeps them, hoards them whether they have huge holes, no crutch left etc and it drives me mad because I don’t sew lol)

A whole lot of paper stuff that was not needed inc old paperwork, envelopes, boxes etc Some toys that were either broken or no longer used or grown out of (the broken ones were thrown out, the no longer used ones were donated and the out grown ones are being sold)

A heap of party invite pads that I had just in case but I never used them, so I’ve donated those  for other to use

Some cd’s and dvd’s that were scatched or never used or duplicates

A few videos that were never going to be watched

And there was some more things that I can’t think of right now, but still even the above is good I think in getting me towards not having so much “stuff” and clutter 😀


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