Yes Thank F*** it’s Friday.


Well for one reason, I am coming down with something, today I feel like crap thanks to my lovely sharing 4 year old!  He has had a high temperature yesterday and today, last night he woke up at 2.55am and came into our bed, I gave him some panadol and he laid in our bed for an hour, and although he didn’t want to leave at 4am I wasn’t getting any sleep because as law has it 4 year old’s do like to splay out when they are sleeping.  So I popped him back into bed, but I think I must have been in too close quarters and taken on some of those germs 😦

Another reason is because um, well I’ve forgotten the other really good reason I had but I can think of a few small others; I see Friday’s as a day I don’t really need to cook anything healthy (lol) so we can have take out or just microwave crap, tomorrow is Saturday and I have already put my papers in with the hubby to sleep in, no school runs, etc etc.



The other important reason TFIF is today is the 24th…..which means tomorrow is the 25th….which means my internet downloads click over into a new month tomorrow YAY.  I used all my d/l data and was slowed, so I cannot wait until I get my speed back!


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