HUGE Consumers here

I have been trying to recycle everything I can (rather than what I used to do which was recycle what was convenient for us to do), and in doing so, I have realised what HUGE consumers we are!!

The packaging on everything.  I mean the amount of boxes that I send to Kindy and school to be used for craft, there are so many, you would think that maybe you would send a few a week, I can send up to um 15-20 a week!!

Anyone else into recycling?  What do you do to not only recycle better but to consume less.  I already use Tupperware and try not to buy water in bottles, obviously sometimes it is inevitable.  And here in South Australia you get 10c for recycling drink cans and bottles (not all bottle like some large juice bottles you don’t) and flavored milk cartons too, so that is incentive for South Aussies.  But I’d like to do less consuming.  I would appreciate any ideas or websites anyone has 😀


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