Boring Saturdays

Well today was an uneventful lazy day here in this household, but today is the day I decided I would try and write here every day to share stupid anecdotes, thoughts and of course tales about ze children.

So while I do not have anything to share about today, I thought I would talk about the show Ringer.

I’ve just started watching the tv show Ringer, why?  Well because Jason Dohring is in it (for a mere 9 episodes or something) of course (and why do I like Jason?  Because I’ve just watched Veronica Mars of course lol).  Well so far it turns out that his role is a bit meh, but the show on the other hand is great!  I had avoided this show because the ads for it were, quite frankly, crap.  They didn’t illustrate the show well for me (or the world)  at all, I thought.  Plus I’ve never really been into any show that has Sarah Michelle Gellar in it, no hate towards her, just meh.  So to watch this and really like it is a bit shocking. 

So the show is about a pair of twins who are estranged, one tries to reconcile with the other, she thinks they have but then the other one makes her think she has committed suicide.  So the first one steps in and lives as the other sister without anyone knowing….at first.  Sounds dumb right (that’s what I thought), but the show is quite good and the storyline is not too bad, although it does get a bit complicated and tangled at times that makes it seem a bit too much, still worth the watch.  And a bonus of watching Ioan Gruffudd, he’s not bad looking with quite a nice accent.  I don’t know f they have a second season, but I am almost finished the 1st season.

So anyway, that’s my little ramble about the show and my not life today 😀  Hpe you are all having a good night!


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