Whinge, Moan, Bitch

Everyone has something going on in their life, I’m sure.  Some people share a little, some people share a lot and some people, no matter what just find something to whinge, moan or bitch about,  

What is with that?

I mean I personally have quite a few things going on in my life that I have chosen not share with anyone (except a few), mostly because I don’t feel like having the barrage of advice that would flood in, but also because I am choosing to look on the bright side, choosing to look for the positives.

Then I see others who yes they have stuff going on also (could be big stuff could be little and I guess the enormity of a problem lies within that person) but they also have a lot of good in their life, and instead of voicing the good they blast the negative/bad.  I am not opposed to having a whinge here or there, or even someone saying something once a day on Facebook about something crappy that happened, just to let it out or get some advice or whatever, but all the time, really…..why?  Surely people see that if you put out your negative energy it just attracts more negative energy??  

Anyway there is my bitch for the day lol.


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