Two days in row

Whoopee for me 😀

So today is Monday and kids go to school…right?  Not my 8 year old son.  He was home today because he was suspended.

What?!  I hear you say, how does an 8 year old get suspended?  Well I will tell you.

Firstly, my son has Aspergers tendencies and is still waiting to get his appointment with the team who officially diagnose it, but it has already been confirmed by the school counsellor (only this year, although I have know since he was 5, nobody listened).

So on Friday at school there was an incident in the sandpit.  A hole that had been dug by some kids on Thursday was being dug on Friday by my son and his friends.  The first kids came over and they argued about the hole and snatched the plastic shovel from my son, which hurt his hand and made him angry, so my son picked up a large bucket with wheels and tried to throw it at the kid, but hit another kid.  The kid he was trying to hit then picked up the huge bucket with wheels and threatened to throw it at my son again, so when he put it down my son threw it again and hit someone else with it (bad aim – need to work on it).  Both kids that got hit with the bucket were fine, one had a scratch on their leg and one their arm, and my son’s hand was also fine.  But because it is classed as violence or threatening, kids can get suspended for this.  So they decided to suspend my son.  No-one else got suspended for anything though….

Now don’t get me wrong, I think my son handled it completely wrong and lost his temper, but  for them not to lay any punishment on anyone else for their own actions shits me.

And my son didn’t get away with it today, he did school work while at home, he also wrote lines about what he did and has to use his pocket money to pay for the broken bucket (although we are pretty sure it was fairly old and broke easily as it was hugely faded that’s not the point it wasn’t his to do that with).

My whinge is actually with the system they have implemented nowadays.  When I was younger if something like that were to have happened, we would have gotten told off, and maybe made to pick up papers for 3 days at recess and lunch and also made to play with the kid we fought with.  Nowadays EVERYTHING is taken so far.  It’s ridiculous, he’s friggin’ 8 and has Aspergers tendencies, which mostly has to do with his social and anger.  It drives me nuts with all the bullshit policies they have for schools and parents and kids these days. They try to tie your hands so tight that people can’t discipline their kids.  I discipline my kids and then they go to school and the teachers let the other kids get away with sooooo much stuff and that confuses my kids especially the 8 year old.

Anyway I’m too tired to continue my rant, perhaps another day lol


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