Bad Dream???

A couple of nights ago I had woken up at 4.25am (I’ve got the flu), I checked what time it was and was trying to go back to sleep.  Just 5 minutes later my husband appeared to be having a bad dream, he made this funny girl noise and his head turned toward me and then away from me.  I placed my hand on his shoulder and shook his shoulder a little, you know to wake him a little, …….he turned back toward me suddenly and leaned upward a little and tried to eat my hand while making this growl noise.  I pulled my hand back and said “What the fuck?”  Which woke him up (I’m still laughing now while I type this) and he just started laughing, but he was doing one of those laughs where your body shakes but no noise comes out.  So we were both laying there at 4.30 in the morning laughing away because he has weird ass dreams and tried to eat my hand.


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