Sleep Deprived

Yep, I’m sleep deprived.

Many other parents about now are saying to themselves..’yes and?..Aren’t we all?’

Well fortunately it isn’t that kind of sleep deprivation.

And unfortunately before your mind jumps to the other reason, no it’s not because of that either.  ;P


In fact, I don’t know why I can’t sleep properly at all.  I am at a loss.

I already knew I wasn’t sleeping well, I am on the list to get my sleep checked at some place (yes my tiredness is making my brain not function and I cannot think of what it is called), I am also on the list to get my tonsils removed (because I snore something fierce, but I am on the public wait list so I’ve got at least another 1.5 year wait for that).  For my birthday recently I got a fitbit XD (I asked for one). Among other things, it tracks your sleep pattern.  I am getting results such as I am sleeping for a total of 2 hours 14 minutes, being awake for say 6 minutes and restless for 270 minutes.  It’s ridiculous!

So I am trying to rule out other things.

I can’t buy a new mattress just yet, although we both (my husband and I) think we need one, the money tree out the back doesn’t bear fruit for the winter.

So I am trying to go through a list of things I can change, but it’s probably better to do one thing at a time so I know what works and what doesn’t.

*Get more exercise

*Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning

*Don’t have caffeine after a certain time at night (I haven’t figured out what time this is and not having chocolate and coke is proving to be difficult)

*Sleep tablets

*New mattress

*Change the bedding on the bed

*New pillows

*Drink more water

*Have a shower/bath or something else relaxing right before bed

*please feel free to add some suggestions LOL

So last night I put all clean bedding on (and flipped the mattress) and I also took 2 sleeping tablets.  Well that backfired, 2 tablets was too much, this morning when I woke up I could barely function, it was difficult even to move my tongue to talk lol.  Once i dropped the boys off at school I had to come home and go back to bed.  I was fucked lol.  So if I need to take some sleeping tablets again, it will be 1 hehe.  And to top it all off I was still really restless and waking up a bit, it does seem though that I had more sleep than the previous nights.

Tonight I am heading to bed early (I hope) after a nice relaxing shower because I am still out of it from the sleeping tablets, don’t know if I will sleep more, but it’s worth a shot.  

Let’s see how it works 🙂


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