Outlander (2008)

Moorwenfire outlander_xlg

Just finished watching Outlander (2008) with Jim Caviezel.  Turns out I had already seen it but quite liked it so watched it again.  I’m super terrible at reviewing movies, so apologies in advance, I’m trying to practice 🙂

What it’s about (from IMDB):

During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan (Jim Caviezel), a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking’s Iron Age weaponry.

What I enjoyed about it:

Well first up, I love Jim Caviezel, my favourite of his is Person of Interest but I do love some of his movies too.

Conjointly to the above, Jack Huston was good as well (there are few men that can do the long hair and have me still think they are hot lol), but the movie was enjoyable to watch.  It had a slightly different spin to other movies that involve a monster needing to be killed.  It didn’t seem to overly exaggerate things (you know for a science fiction movie lol).  (More fighting and a love story in there too lol.)

Rating 6.5/10


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