Ripped Off

You know what I find I feel ripped of about, you’re going to laugh and then those in a similar situation are going to nod in agreement.


I go out and I do 2 days of exercise, trying be fitter and lose weight (mostly with losing weight in mind), and then I look in the mirror (after the 2 days) and there is absolutely no change in the belly area (after my 3 kids I have trouble getting rid of it….I do however refuse to give up my fave foods, but surely you can still eat them and counter it with exercise right?) or any area for that matter (just a little windburn perhaps).ย  I feel absolutely ripped off, I want to see some results.ย  If I see results, I will continue to exercise, if I see nothing happening it’s like I exerted that energy for jack and well maybe exercise is crap (which for those non fit people it is crap and UN-enjoyable) lol.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my feelings, knowing there are many out there that feel the same way, maybe I will keep it up, maybe not (although maybe not just turns into quitting then re starting and repeat :))