I started writing a Facebook status and it was quite long, so I thought it would be better as a blogpost.
I’ve been reading lots of stories across a multitude of sites on the internet lately, and am wondering what has happened in this world that has made everyone so damn sensitive about this word or that word.
A celebrity (mother) wants people to stop asking women when they are going to have their next child, or give their child a sibling, because they may have had a miscarriage or another kind of tragedy.  But then, we should notice if someone is feeling depressed or down (how are we to know these things if we do not ask!?).
Another mother wants people to stop saying to her oh you just have the 1 child then….even though she does just have one.  The child is most definitely not a just but it still is just 1 child, it’s not 2 kids, or loads of kids, it’s just 1.
It’s so tiring to see/hear/read this all the time because it transfers to our kids.  Everything is a problem.  They can’t handle situations without intervention because they have been taught that everyone has to win, everyone has to be nice to them all the time and you should pretend to like something even if you don’t (good manners or something!!).
Anyway I don’t really have solution, just a vent.  Well my small part in the solution is to NOT do this with my kids.  I will not teach them to be overly sensitive about EVERYTHING.  Only the important things….but then what is important to me, may not be to you and vice versa……..

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