Outlander (2008)

Moorwenfire outlander_xlg

Just finished watching Outlander (2008) with Jim Caviezel.  Turns out I had already seen it but quite liked it so watched it again.  I’m super terrible at reviewing movies, so apologies in advance, I’m trying to practice 🙂

What it’s about (from IMDB):

During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan (Jim Caviezel), a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking’s Iron Age weaponry.

What I enjoyed about it:

Well first up, I love Jim Caviezel, my favourite of his is Person of Interest but I do love some of his movies too.

Conjointly to the above, Jack Huston was good as well (there are few men that can do the long hair and have me still think they are hot lol), but the movie was enjoyable to watch.  It had a slightly different spin to other movies that involve a monster needing to be killed.  It didn’t seem to overly exaggerate things (you know for a science fiction movie lol).  (More fighting and a love story in there too lol.)

Rating 6.5/10

Pompeii (2014)


Apparently, according to my hubby, I have seen this before, but I don’t remember hehe, so I’ve just watched it again.

LOVED IT!……………………………………(except the end)

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is so much hotter in this lol.  Although reading that you might think I only watch movies for hot people lol, I don’t but it’s just worth noting the hot people in the movie/s  🙂

I love a good fight movie (although oddly not really into UFC and hate WWE).  Add along with the fight movie, a love story and who wouldn’t like it right!

When I first saw the girl who was to be the girl, I was like Whaaa she not good, but as the movie progressed she grew on me, and by the end I liked her.

I didn’t think Kiefer was suited to the role though, yes he plays annoying good, but I just think someone……else should have played the role.

The end, WTF, not happy Jan, where’s my happy ending grrr….just kidding, it was sort of cool.

Rating 8/10  if you haven’t watched it and you like these kinds of movies, I would say give it a go 🙂

My family declutters with me

My family and I are on a new mission.  Actually I think this is officially our first actual mission.  Which is exciting (both the mission and being the first).


Our new mission, I actually read about on another blog about having less stuff (when I find the link I will come back and link it for you in case you would like to read it).  But the basics of it, and what my family and I are doing, is that each day for 30 days we each have to pick one thing of our own items to get rid of.


Today is day 2, and even the hubby has been keeping up with it and not complaining which is fantastic!!  I’m hoping some days we can get rid of more than just one item, but if it is only one item that is ok too, great even.


I’m looking forward to purging 🙂

The simple things


Yesterday after school we took some bread (I put the crust in the freezer so it’s not wasted so we can use it for something) and fed the ducks.  There was also a pelican there, it wasn’t a huge fan of the bread (and in fact when thrown the home made bread spat it out LOL) but he was a good sport and kept catching it. The picture doesn’t show many ducks but there were more before I took it.  The boys had a great time and a good laugh at the pelican. A couple of magpies and other birds behind us had some bread too.
Sometimes we forget, it can be the simple things in life like taking a walk and feeding the ducks that can bring happiness.


My 6 year old son Jake just came running into the room I am in and said

Jake “Did you hear that Mum?”

Me “No, what?”

Jake “The tv said about snoring, if you snore….what was it called.. well if you have this thing that’s blue (and points to his nostrils) and you sleep and then you can stop snoring”

Me “Who?”

Jake “The TV”

Me “Who are you telling me this for”

Jake “You…….. and Dad and me”

LOL  the things 6 years olds come out with.

Pathetic and Selfish

OK, I am about to have a pathetic, selfish stupid rant.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it and especially don’t bother commenting because the mood I’m in won’t have me replying nicely.


I’m so f***in annoyed (which makes me stressed too might I add).  My boys today at school had this thing where you can donate $1 (I don’t know what for) and you can wear rainbow clothing.  Now once we get to school and I see all these kids wearing different clothes (not uniform) I say is it a no uniform day and Mr 9 says “yeah, you pay a dollar and you can wear…”  (I’m not sure he finished the sentence out loud).  I said, “I didn’t know” (which at that point I didn’t), “Why didn’t you tell me?”  Mr 9 says “I didn’t remember”  And there’s no chance that Mr 6 would remember, he doesn’t remember what he did in the morning when it’s lunch time.  At this point I start to think to myself, I vaguely remember either this being mentioned, or perhaps I read it at the p&f meeting in the Junior Principal’s report.  This week has been just a write off.  I’m so tired it’s not even comprehendable.  I went to do a sleep study to try and find out the problem for the not sleeping situation, which of course only made me tireder this week because who can sleep well with those things attached to you.

So what I am ranting about is I am so annoyed at being tired and exhausted.  I’m forgetting things, my housework isn’t getting done (I mean my house looks like a bomb hit it….no really it does), most nights I struggle to cook tea.  This tiredness has been going on for years. but has gotten worse the past year.  Just yesterday I was thinking about the fact I have to write everything down, or use my voice recorder and then write it down because I keep forgetting things.  I can’t function properly.  Yesterday I was so tired I wandered around the shopping centre and just wanted to buy things because I shop when I am stressed, I did buy things, it made me feel a bit better lol, I wanted to buy more but refrained.  I try to just encourage myself to just keep going, ignore the tiredness, play at the park, wash the dishes, wash the clothes, do homework with the boys etc etc but it’s such a struggle.

Things I am doing to combat the tiredness:

I’m trying to lose some weight because sometimes that can be a factor in a lot of things including snoring which cause bad sleep……you have to do some exercise for that to work well…there is not energy for that, only willpower and being tired makes that difficult to find.

I’ve already cut out coke from my diet.

I’m going to try not to play the computer or on my phone before going to bed, because apparently this can stop you from releasing melatonin which helps you sleep, 2nd night was last night, 2 nights in a row I read a book before bed (although the book is stressing me out it’s called Punished by Vanessa Steel and I can’t believe people were and still can be so cruel to children).

Then of course I’m seeing a sleep specialist, I’ve done the sleep study, so I go back in 2 weeks to see if there is anything I can do to change it (my sleep pattern).

Also am going to spring clean our room to make it less cluttered and more sleep friendly (hey I’m willing to try anything at this point!)

The reason I called this post pathetic and selfish is not because I don’t think it’s a problem but because it is selfish to sit in my home out of the cold with food and electricity and gas and water and a shower and clothes and a bed and healthy kids and a husband who has a job and whine because I’m tired.  I feel like an idiot.  But I’m annoyed so I thought if I write it down, that might help get rid of the annoyed and get up and get going…..and help me get back to feeling grateful, which is what I am normally.


That’s about it.


(PS this was written about a week ago but wordpress decided to play up, so I’m just publishing it now)

Sleep Deprived

Yep, I’m sleep deprived.

Many other parents about now are saying to themselves..’yes and?..Aren’t we all?’

Well fortunately it isn’t that kind of sleep deprivation.

And unfortunately before your mind jumps to the other reason, no it’s not because of that either.  ;P


In fact, I don’t know why I can’t sleep properly at all.  I am at a loss.

I already knew I wasn’t sleeping well, I am on the list to get my sleep checked at some place (yes my tiredness is making my brain not function and I cannot think of what it is called), I am also on the list to get my tonsils removed (because I snore something fierce, but I am on the public wait list so I’ve got at least another 1.5 year wait for that).  For my birthday recently I got a fitbit 😄 (I asked for one). Among other things, it tracks your sleep pattern.  I am getting results such as I am sleeping for a total of 2 hours 14 minutes, being awake for say 6 minutes and restless for 270 minutes.  It’s ridiculous!

So I am trying to rule out other things.

I can’t buy a new mattress just yet, although we both (my husband and I) think we need one, the money tree out the back doesn’t bear fruit for the winter.

So I am trying to go through a list of things I can change, but it’s probably better to do one thing at a time so I know what works and what doesn’t.

*Get more exercise

*Go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning

*Don’t have caffeine after a certain time at night (I haven’t figured out what time this is and not having chocolate and coke is proving to be difficult)

*Sleep tablets

*New mattress

*Change the bedding on the bed

*New pillows

*Drink more water

*Have a shower/bath or something else relaxing right before bed

*please feel free to add some suggestions LOL

So last night I put all clean bedding on (and flipped the mattress) and I also took 2 sleeping tablets.  Well that backfired, 2 tablets was too much, this morning when I woke up I could barely function, it was difficult even to move my tongue to talk lol.  Once i dropped the boys off at school I had to come home and go back to bed.  I was fucked lol.  So if I need to take some sleeping tablets again, it will be 1 hehe.  And to top it all off I was still really restless and waking up a bit, it does seem though that I had more sleep than the previous nights.

Tonight I am heading to bed early (I hope) after a nice relaxing shower because I am still out of it from the sleeping tablets, don’t know if I will sleep more, but it’s worth a shot.  

Let’s see how it works 🙂

Ripped Off

You know what I find I feel ripped of about, you’re going to laugh and then those in a similar situation are going to nod in agreement.


I go out and I do 2 days of exercise, trying be fitter and lose weight (mostly with losing weight in mind), and then I look in the mirror (after the 2 days) and there is absolutely no change in the belly area (after my 3 kids I have trouble getting rid of it….I do however refuse to give up my fave foods, but surely you can still eat them and counter it with exercise right?) or any area for that matter (just a little windburn perhaps).  I feel absolutely ripped off, I want to see some results.  If I see results, I will continue to exercise, if I see nothing happening it’s like I exerted that energy for jack and well maybe exercise is crap (which for those non fit people it is crap and UN-enjoyable) lol.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my feelings, knowing there are many out there that feel the same way, maybe I will keep it up, maybe not (although maybe not just turns into quitting then re starting and repeat :))